SF-240 MK3

Running Wild

FROM $999.00

Ever thought how you would love to be on the water, but do I have the space for a boat? Do I have the seamanship to master a large boat? Why not start with our SF-240. Light, durable, fold away to fit in nearly any size car boot. This small inflatable packs a punch with Superior strength, high density, sunlight resistant, terylene supported PVC. Upgrade the base model to have a small petrol or environmentally friendly electric engine to get you moving from point A to B in no time. Need a new tender for a larger boat? What a great option also. Not large enough, no problems we can source you a larger model if you require it also. Talk to one of our team about the Spitfire difference with Rubber inflatables.
  • 3 People

  • Powerful

  • Fishing

  • Length:

    2400mm (94″)

  • Width:

    1300mm (51″)

  • Depth:

    330mm (13″)

  • Max Weight Capacity:

    289kg (637.136 lbs)

  • Passenger capacity:

    3 Person(s)

  • Maximum Motor Capacity:

    8 HP

  • Chambers Quantity:


  • Package size:

    64 x 112 x 35cm

  • Weight:


  • Contents Included:
    • One boat
    • One pair of 1.45m aluminum oars that can be easily disassembled for convenient storage and transport
    • One 37cm air hammer inflation pump
    • One pressure gauge
    • One 10m tow rope

Equipment with options

Why be stuck with 3 options when you can have the Spitfire difference. We want you to be in control, so we want you to choose what you like. From engine options to colour choices, the choices on our boats are all up to you.

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