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And Why We Are The Best For You

The Company

We are a 100% Australian Owned family business with a passion for Boating and the water. We only want you to enjoy yourself every time you are on the water, and we want you to have the option of choice. The whole philosophy of Spitfire Boats is to let you have control of what features, accessories you desire. You love fishing then our team will help you create a boat for fishing, you love wake boarding, we will well help you kit your boat to enjoy your sets on the water! Are you more into cruising? No problem, our team will set you up for enjoyable experiences. We won’t sell what we won’t use ourselves.

Why Us?

Assembled in Australia

It is important for us to provide the highest of quality to our customers. This is why our boats, trailers, engines and modifications are all completed here in Australia.

Member of the BIA

Spitfire Boats is a proud member of the Boating Industry Association, and is an advocate for the wider boating community.

Passion for boating

The core of Spitfire Boats is its passion for boating. We take pride in our boats, ensuring our customers have an enjoyable experience every time they’re out on the water.

Our Passion

Director and owner of Spitfire Boats has been involved with boating since his grandfather introduced him to fishing at a young age of 5. From then his passion for boating and fishing grew into an obsession. From learning how engines tick to researching what customers need and want Matthew has formed a bond with boating that has and does last a lifetime. He now ensures that this passion is instilled in Spitfire Boats. His 3 children have now been passed on this passion for boating and love for the water. A true Australian family business. Matthew doesn’t want to compete with the other famous brands in Australia he wants to make a difference in every customer who joins the Spitfire family. He believes you are not just buying a boat but you are buying a lifetime of memories.

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